To celebrate the release of the brand-new 7” single SHAKEN, Pineapples and Wicked Ape Records will be giving away free (postage paid!), for a limited time, to anyone who signs up at our website, the SHAKEN 7”. But wait: there’s more! SO much more! We’ll also send you our last two critically-acclaimed releases (the VEIL 7” and our TWICE ON THE PIPE 12” LP), AND, becuz why the hell not?!, the PLEASE DON’T KILL DR. STRANGE 7”!!!

So, ok, we know we said three, but we lied: it’s four. FOUR FREE RECORDS!!! Why are we doing this? Because we want the world to know how awesome we are, and because we are filled with love and MAGNANIMITY!!!

Just sign up below, let us know how you found out about the offer, then wait patiently while we pack you up a box of rock and ship it straight to your door, gratis!

As always, your information will only be used for the Pineapples mailing list. It will not be sold or shared with anyone. EVER.

(Note: All form fields are required, because we need all that info to get your records to you.)

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